Education enables us to think more creatively and critically, persevere and create more opportunities for ourselves. The ability to learn and access education is a gift. Students need to maximise their learning opportunities and unlock their greatest potential. 

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We work with students of all ages and empower them to improve their academic results, gain confidence and take effective action to learn more effectively. 


Discover your thinking and learning style to better understand yourself and the best things to do to achieve your academic goals.

eLearning Courses

Learn the Whole Brain Learning methods at your own pace through our online self-study platform.

Whole Brain Learning courses

Complete the Whole Brain Learning courses to develop your learning skills, improve your results and create more opportunities for yourself. We work with individuals one-on-one and groups online and in person.


Frequently Asked Questions

An academic coach is someone who will help you assess where you and where you want to be academically. The coach will help you uncover your beliefs and mindset, where you could be limiting yourself and what you need to do to overcome these limitations. The coach will also help you to take action to get the results you desire.

  • A student who is struggling academically or who would like to improve their results overall
  • A student who is experiencing great frustration and even helplessness in their academics
  • A student who would like to improve their understanding of content and feel empowered in their academics
  • A student who would like to become more efficient and develop their higher order thinking skills
  • A student wanting to learn methods of learning that will help at all academic levels
  • *Most suitable for students aged 12 and up

Academic coaching is different to facilitation. A facilitator will teach and help students learn specific content whilst a coach will help the student uncover solutions to their problems. We provide both academic coaching or a combination of facilitation and coaching through our Whole Brain Learning methods. Students are coached to assess where they are, taught new methods of learning and then coached to apply these new methods to see results.

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